High-quality fiber optic components and solutions, recognised by multinational companies from the Telecom Industry

Our commitment is to offer a wide variety of high quality fiber optic components and solutions, with a strong focus on customer service and fast manufacturing times.

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Data center solutions

Data center solutions

Data centers vary in size, from a small server room all the way up to groups of geographically distributed buildings, but they all share one thing in common: they are a critical business asset where companies often invest in and deploy the latest advancements in data center networking, compute and storage technologies.

  • Enterprise data centers are typically constructed and used by a single organisation for their own internal purposes. These are common among tech giants.
  • Colocation data centers function as a kind of rental property where the space and resources of a data center are made available to the people willing to rent it.
  • Managed service data centers offer aspects such as data storage, computing, and other services as a third party, serving customers directly.
  • Cloud data centers are distributed and are sometimes offered to customers with the help of a third-party managed service provider.
FTTx solutions

FTTx solutions

FTTX or fiber in the loop is a generic term for any broadband network architecture using optical fiber to provide all or part of the local loop used for last-mile telecommunications.

As fiber optic cables are able to carry much more data than copper cables, especially over long distances, copper telephone networks built in the 20th century are being replaced by fiber.

The telecommunications industry differentiates between several distinct FTTX configurations. For example FTTH or fiber to the home, FTTO or fiber to the office, FTTB or fiber to the building, FTTC or fiber to the cabinet, and FTTA or fiber to the antenna.

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Why work with us?

Tailor made solutions

Tailor made solutions

With our specialised team, Romatecsans International Tailor Made Solutions supports you in finding and develop the right products for your fiber optic installation.

End to end solutions

End to end solutions

Romatecsans International manufactures the complete solution for FTTx installations, Data Centers and Structured Cabling.



All products provided Romatecsans International meet all International Telecom Standards for quality and safety.

Our Partners

We understand what the current needs of the telecommunications market are, we have achieved over time to win the trust of large clients in different regions of the world. Due to the importance we give in developing customized solutions, with fast reaction times, technical support, guarantees and fair prices, our products have been approved and installed in more than 30 countries.

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